Convert Images to PCL Print Streams or Macros

Img2PCL.exe converts TIFF or JPEG images of documents, forms, logos & signatures into PCL print streams, form overlays or macros.

Img2PCL Program (Img2PCL.exe)

Img2PCL.exe is a graphical program used to create PCL Print streams for printing TIFF or JPEG images. And, it can also be used to create PCL overlays or macros for forms, logos, and signatures.

Img2PCL is included in the PCLWorks Program licensees and with PCLTool SDK Options. PCLTool SDK Option (I, III, IV and V) users also receive a raster image command line/batch utility:

  • TIFF/JPEG to PCL Program (IMGCVT.exe)

Img2PCL.exe saves it's preference settings in the 2PCL.ini which is used by IMGCVT.exe.

All programs that convert image file formats into PCL call the IMGCVT.dll for it to perform the actual conversion function. Only PCLTool SDK (Option I) users also get the source code (in .\source\imgcvt) to IMGCVT.exe which is a sample Windows console program to show how to use IMGCVT.dll for custom application development.

Form Overlay, Logo or Signature Macro Creation

Easily create form overlay macros for insertion into PCL print streams by following these five steps:

  1. Create Form: Start by creating a form in any Windows application like Word or PageMaker. You can also open any previously created PDF form in Acrobat Reader.
  2. Print Form / Capture .PRN Print File: Print to a HP Laser Jet Series II printer driver (or other PCL driver when higher resolution or color is required) to file. The default file extension is .PRN. Override this generic print file extension and use .PCL instead. This creates a Windows temporary print stream in PCL format, but is NOT SUITABLE for use as a PCL overlay because of the way it's generated by the Windows printer driver.
  3. Convert .PRN to .TIF: If you have the PCLTool SDK, open PCLTool.exe and convert the temporary PCL file you created into .TIF format (if you have PCLWorks Program use PCLWorks.exe).
  4. Convert .TIF to a Logo/Full Page Macro or In-Line PCL: Convert the .TIF file back into .PCL using the Img2PCL.exe program. This program creates a PCL file with one large raster object of the form overlay, along with no reset, no formfeed and with a specified macro id number and other escape codes needed to use it as an overlay.
  5. Troubleshoot: Finally, use PCLCodes.exe to translate the .PCL overlay into readable English for examining the file to better understand what the PCL is doing inside the file.

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